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This is a list of recommended products you to help with your training. These are not our products, however we do use them and have done for a significant amount of time, that we think they represent excellent value for money.




Teknifit Single Power Resistance Bands (various strengths)

A great item to have in your equipment list for versatility to your workouts

Gritin Resistance Bands, [Set of 5] Skin-Friendly Resistance Fitness Exercise Loop Bands with 5 Different Resistance Levels - Free Carrying Case Included - Ideal for Home, Gym, Yoga, Training











FunctionalFitness Non-Slip Black Wooden Plyo Box – 3 in 1 – Ideal For Cross Training – 20" 24" 30" (51cm 61cm 76cm) Plyometric Jump Box Plyobox

HIGHLY VERSATILE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT - The FunctionalFitness 3 in 1 Black Non-Slip Wooden Plyo Box offers 3 jump heights from just 1 piece of equipment. With landing heights of 20" (51cm), 24" (61cm) and 30" (76cm) it allows you to incorporate a whole host of new exercises into your workouts.




Mirafit Soft Stackable Plyo Box - Choice of Height

  • Mirafit Soft Stackable Plyo Box - Available in choice of heights: 4", 6", 12", 20", 24" or full set of five

  • Made from high density foam with a non skid durable black PVC cover - Stackable design allows you to customise your jump height

  • Soft landing surface absorbs impact - Eases shock & decreases stress on ankles, knees & hips - Reduces risk of injury to shins if you miss - Develop speed, strength & explosive power

  • Large self fastening strips ensure boxes stay securely stacked - Easily wipes clean - Important: plyo boxes should not be used on smooth surfaces unless they are positioned against a wall where they cannot slip

  • Dimensions: 4"/ 10cm - 6"/ 15cm - 12"/ 30cm - 20"/ 51cm - 24" / 61Cm

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