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Scaling your workouts

So you’ve got a good routine, training regularly, programmes that you enjoy, eating well then something disrupts that, postively or negatively; work life change, less time to train, you want to kick up your fitness levels, or want to get stronger.

Here are 3 ways to scale the workouts to your current fitness level:

1. Increase rest intervals: If you need more rest, increase it. Rest as much as you need to allow you to work hard again.

2. Decrease weight: If you can’t use the suggested weight (load), lighten it. ONLY use weights you can handle. If you’re a beginner you can start off without using any weights.

3. Decrease rounds: If you're unable to finish the total number of rounds, cut it short.

If you’re a beginner and not worked out before or not worked out in a while, a good starting time is 20 minutes. That means, regardless of how many rounds you have completed, stop your workout at 20 minutes. As you gradually get fitter, you can increase the time and number rounds.

4. If you need to increase the intensity and difficulty, you can decrease your rest intervals (i.e. take less rest between rounds) and/ or increase the weight.

(Do not increase the number of rounds to increase the intensity - you should either choose heavier weights or decrease your rest intervals)

BOOM! Simple easy strategies to scale your workouts up or down, and keep them challenging.

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